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As creators ourselves, we thought about what was important to us when trying to move a project forward. It came down to these three things:

  1. Get seen and grow a dedicated audience.
  2. Build your team with people you can trust.
  3. Get Paid.

This is the Rogue Matter approach we like to take with our creative partners. We want you to get a fair, transparent deal that makes you feel both protected and valued.  We wouldn’t partner with you if we didn’t believe in your upside and think there was a significant opportunity to grown your audience and profits.  So we’ve created a system where we can win together and upset the usual course of business in Hollywood. 

When we ask you to become our partner, then we both win when you win. We can move quickly because we keep things simple: we’ll be 50/50 partners in every deal and dollar that we make together.  

We’re excited about true partnerships but that’s not all:

  • We’ll commit to protecting your artistic integrity by giving you final creative decision power.
  • We Build On What You’ve Already Started By Integrating Your Work Into Our Creative Content Output And Giving You Access To Our Ecosystem: Podcasts, Video Production, Ebooks, Social Media Content, Publishing, Brand Deals, Film & Tv, Etc…
  • This entire ecosystem adds an unprecedented level of depth and audience building that enhances your work as we go to market with it.  
  • You’ll have access to our Job Board, an interactive platform that connects you with artists from around the world.  Rogue Matter empowers you to be your own “Showrunner” (Executive Producer) harnessing other talents to continually evolve the worlds you’ll be building.

Now, are you ready to disrupt Hollywood together?

Hollywood doesn’t traditionally make deals that look like this.  But Hollywood has never been in the business of truly empowering creators and fans like Rogue Matter does.

Submit your work here and let’s get this journey started!

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