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Why should you submit your work to ROGUE MATTER?

Because you’re a talented storyteller or a gifted illustrator and the world needs to know about your work.  At Rogue Matter, we are looking for you, and we want to be your partner in the entertainment industry. A partner that can bridge the gap between your undiscovered talent and the world of movie studios, streamers, and brands. Wherever you’re from, whatever your background is – if you have a story to tell and are a Rogue at heart, then this is your home.

What will ROGUE MATTER do with your submitted work?

Once your work is submitted, our talented editorial staff will thoroughly and fairly review it.  And don’t worry, they know what they are doing – they’ve worked on some projects you might have heard of like The Flash, Superman, and Arrow, to name a few.  If your work speaks to the Rogue in us, then we’ll immediately reach out to you with your first Hollywood offer!  Check out ROGUES CREATE.

How does ROGUE MATTER make it all happen?

When we partner up, Rogue Matter will start the process of turning your work into an actual property that can be monetized and distributed at the highest level.  You’ll have all of our resources at your fingertips: the editorial staff, the brand managers, and the business team that negotiates and closes the deals you’ve always wanted.  

Rogue Matter’s insider network is second to none, and all of it will be available to you.  We’ll pitch your work to studio executives, book publishers, producers, and brands that can’t wait to invest in you and your vision.  

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