Dear Rogue Matter Community Member:

Thank you for your willingness to submit certain ideas, proposals, written treatments, photos, videos, artwork or other materials, briefly identified at the bottom of this Release (collectively, the “Submission”) to Rogue Matter, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Rogue”) in consideration for review, evaluation, promotion and possible purchase, sale or development.  While Rogue is always interested in opportunities to improve and expand its programming and services, we have found certain precautions necessary in receiving ideas and suggestions submitted to us in order to avoid any misunderstandings as to the rights and obligations of Rogue with respect thereto.  Therefore, Rogue will receive and consider submitted ideas and/or materials only if the submitting party agrees that the submission of ideas and/or materials shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Idea Submission Policy and Agreement (the “Release”). 

By clicking your consent in the space indicated below, you confirm that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of this Release and that you understand and agree that you must execute this Release as a prerequisite to Rogue’s review of any materials submitted by you. You further acknowledge that this Release covers the submission and discussion of any and all materials you submit to Rogue, whether discussed with or submitted to Rogue, orally or in writing, prior to, or following the execution of this Release, and applies to any Submission made to Rogue by another source, directly or indirectly, by or through you. 

As used in this Release, the terms “you” and “your” include and bind the undersigned and any and all legal representatives of the undersigned releaser. As used in this Release, the terms “Rogue” and “we” include and inure to the benefit of Rogue, and any division subsidiary, affiliate, parent, or other related entity (“Related Entities”) as well as Rogue’s directors, officers, agents, employees, partners, consultants, lessees, licensees and assigns. 

    1. Submission Evaluation / Permission To Shop. You hereby grant Rogue: (a) the right to review your Submission, to reproduce your Submission, to exhibit your Submission and share it with others, including the Related Entities, for the purpose of evaluating it; and (b) the right to video or photograph your presentation of the Submission and the right to use your name, voice, photograph, likeness and/or biographical information, in connection with Rogue’s evaluation, in any manner, medium, or forum throughout the world in perpetuity, without compensation. By executing this Release, you request that Rogue examine and consider your Submission, and that if Rogue decides that it wishes to submit it or any motion picture, program, outline, synopsis or other project, based on it, to potential purchasers, financiers, motion picture producers, motion picture studios, networks, distributors, and the like (“Financiers”), Rogue may do so. You understand that your Submission, if selected by Rogue, will go through a rigorous process of further development and creation and it will be placed within Rogue’s current slate as Rogue appropriately sees fit, provided however that Rogue will use best efforts to keep you reasonably abreast and/or involved throughout the process of any such development.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, you further understand that Rogue shall have no obligation to make any use of or further develop, your Submission, or video or photographs of your presentation of the Submission, and/or your name, voice, photograph, likeness, and/or biographical information.
    2. Consent to Receive Rogue Communications. By signing this Release, you acknowledge your consent to receive email offers, promotions, announcements, and other electronic communications from Rogue from time to time. Know that Rogue is committed to keeping your personal information confidential and, except for the permitted disclosures identified in Sections 3 and 4 above, Rogue will not sell or otherwise provide your personal information to any third party individual, government agency, or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law.
      1. Rogue will be entitled to reimbursement of any costs/expenses in incurred connection with the development of your Submission either as a line-item in the ultimate production budget, subject to Financier approval, or in the alternative, “off the top” prior to any negotiated compensation being paid to you. 
      2. You understand that the development of a media project may involve combining multiple elements of creative, including third party materials or pitches, and in such case, the creative ownership of such developed media project, including elements of your Submission, will be shared amongst all parties respectively involved.
      3. You understand that developing a media project within Rogue’s creative development division involves multiple staff members whom will offer creative advice, criticism, adjustments, edits and/or enhancement ideas that may spin the concept of your Submission a different way than what was originally submitted, and in such case, your creative ownership may be affected by these creative changes but will never be removed entirely.
      4. Rogue will always retain final decision-making authority with respect to business decisions in connection with the development and further production of your pitch.